Sunday, September 21, 2014

B.R.A.W.L. New!!!


Battle Raging Against War lords

Retroband and myself are proud to announce that our first original toy line is now here!
B.R.A.W.L. Debuted at Mondocon Austin Texas September 20-21 2014  
Aaron and myself have worked for many months now on this toy line and are super excited to finally bring them to you. 
B.R.A.W.L. takes place in a urban city with large sky scrapers and dark allies called New Block City were gangs have infested the streets leading chaos and anarchy everywhere. The police can barely keep order in some parts of the city because many officers of the force join the ranks of the strongest street gangs being added to their payrolls. Corruption has killed the foundation of New Block City. While the defense is down on the streets, the gangs lurk at night fighting, dealing drugs, stealing and sometimes even murder to gain turf and resources.
 In a dead city all that is left is anarchy.

Figures and poster also available soon online at
Date has not been set for online purchase yet.

Limited figures

OX- Leader of the Gates Street Throne Runners

STRYKR- Leader of the Godland Gladiators

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