Tuesday, September 23, 2014

B.R.A.W.L. Update

B.R.A.W.L! Battles Raging Against War Lords! Retroband and Worthy Enemies NEW original line! 
The year is 1987. Some gangs enter but most gangs leave bruised, bloodied and murdered to never be heard of again. Consumed and Swallowed by the larger tyrant gangs of New Block City. These gangs work under concealment of the dark streets working under the city lights in a constant tug of war for turf, weapons, drugs and money. The authorities have failed New Block City. Many police officers no longer protect and serve but work under these War Lords who run the big gangs. On the gangs payroll they turn corrupt for the better of the gangs they work for. Inner City gangs begin to rise up recruiting some of the hardest, most deadly fighters on the streets. When night falls there is no longer a safe haven for no one. Peace has died along with the structure of New Block City.
In a dead city all that is left is anarchy.

STRYKR of the Godland Gladiators and OX of the Gates Street Throne Runners are each hand produced and hand painted with custom blister packaging and hand made 6x9" card. 

Sculpted, casted, and hand painted by Retroband (Aaron Moreno). 
Atmosphere, story, front and back art by Worthy Enemies (Gabriel Hernandez). 
Limited to 25. AVAILABLE 9/26/2014 12PM CST

Please note: Entire run will not be available online. These are the remaining figures from Mondo-Con.com event. Thank you! 

©2014 retroband toys

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